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The Library, is a semi-book library but instead of books, it is perfume. An idea that have evolved from perfume collectors and a business-oriented people whom in real life are brothers. Khaled Alnuaimi started by collecting fragrances at an early age which have led to the creation of what is now “The Scent Library” at his house. His brother, Saeed Alnuaimi, dived in the idea to creating an unprecedented way of helping customers find their scents. This is where “Marash” was founded in 2016. It included at the time “Libraries” as it referred at our boutique of Woody, Spicy, Musk, Oud, Citrus, and many more. 

We simply organized the scents according to its main accord. Now, the Library is an expanded version of Marash and was established year 2018 which hosts more than 20+ Olfactive libraries and more than 40+ Niche and Indie-Niche brands. We are focused in creating an intellectual space of informative tools used to explain to customers the importance behind scents, their creations, and the noses behind each house. Much more, The Library includes segments that interactively allow a customer to experience perfumery in another way.


 Nov 2015

The idea and concept of The Library has begun year 2015 with a small display and section of niche perfumes. The brothers were inspired to expand more after receiving good feedbacks from customers. It all started with passion and inspiration.

 Nov 2016

The first launch of Scent Library, under the name of “Marash Perfumes” in the emirate of
Ras Al Khaimah located
at the Ground Floor of
Julphar Towers.

 Feb 2017

Article entitled "Scent Library" initiated by a young entrepreneur and published in Al Khaleej newspaper, one of the most prestigious news outlets in
the UAE.

 Mar 2017

Article "Visit to France colors Khaled Alnuaimi with floral scent” was published in Emarat Al Youm newspaper interviewing the founder about the concept behind the 

Scent Library.

 Feb 2018

Arabic TV channel, Skynews Arabia showcased a segment entitled “The First Scent Library in the UAE”, featuring an interview with the Founder of The Library, Saeed Alnuaimi.



Experience the aroma of each perfume placed in a dome by spraying the funnel above it with its scent. We play and help the customers exercise their sense of smell making them guess what type of fragrance is inside.

 RATIO 3:1

The art of layering. We combine 2 different fragrances (e.g. 2 sprays of a floral scent to 1 spray of a Woody scent) to create a whole new scent.


Unique way to experiencing scents. We have a machine that diffuses scented mist on which you can smell the perfume.



“I’ve always loved perfumes since my childhood. When we planned out to create The Library, I made sure that my love for scents are well presented and spoken.”


“When we thought of the Scent Library, we simply wanted to present a new concept at The Library. Me and my brothers teamed up in presenting our idea of what we thought was lacking in experiencing perfumery."

 OMAR ALNUAIMI - Deputy Manager 

“When I saw and heard my brothers’ idea for The Library, I automatically wanted to pitch in. A more bask, cultivated and interesting perfume boutique to help customers find their next signature scent.’’


 Jun 2017 

SHEEN FASHION LOUNGE- Waldorf Astoria, Ras Al Khaimah.

 Dec 2018

FESTEMBER, Louvre Waterfront Park, Abu Dhabi.

 May 2019

SHEEN FASHION LOUNGE, Waldorf Astoria, Ras Al Khaimah.

 May 2019

PROJECT WAREHOUSE by FESTEMBER, Du Forum Yas Island, Abu Dhabi


Be inspired and explore The Library to find your next signature scent

 Common Room– Al Dhait, RAK

The Library Café - Coffees inspired by scents. Layering our coffee specialties with top, middle and base notes the same way as making perfume.

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